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Michael Flack is owner and Executive Producer of Flack Productions – Creative Video.  Flack Productions is known for great story-telling and for capturing the most sincere moments in life.  They strive to collaborate and determine the absolute best methods for bringing your story to life on the screen.

Michael graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in film production from Penn State University in 2001.  Since then his affinity for the art of film and video has led him to a wide array of production experience.  While living in Los Angeles shortly after graduating, he worked on reality television shows, talk shows, independent films, and large studio films such as Seabiscuit (nominated for 7 Academy Awards in 2004).

Since moving back home to Ohio, Michael has had the great fortune of broadening his experience to include wedding films, large event productions (graduations, formal cotillion balls, Emmy Awards shows), commercials, corporate video (Procter & Gamble, Tri-Health), and one-on-one small client video productions.

Flack Productions would be honored and obliged to team up with you to create a dynamic and stunning production that will be sure to please your audience, be they large or small.