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EDR Marketing is an event marketing agency that creatively connects clients to their customers where they are at through exclusive events and experiences. Whether your needs require luxury hospitality at the Super Bowl, an interactive booth at a trade show, or a multi-city tour experience showcasing your brand to thousands of consumers nationwide – from idea to implementation – EDR can provide event marketing solutions that are right for you.

Why Event Marketing?

Event marketing provides creative and cost-effective measures to reward top performers, connect with clients, spur lead generation, support non-profit initiatives, ensure ROI, and develop brand awareness and loyalty all while aligning your brand with exclusive events and leveraging the reach of the opportunity.

To see how EDR Marketing can enhance your event marketing needs, please check out www.edrmarketing.com.

About Us

Matt Dunn | With more than a decade of experience in the event and marketing industries, Matt’s extensive experience has rendered him with exclusive opportunities such as: Super Bowl events, Olympic settings, NBA and MLB-All-Star parties, Hall of Fame Inductions, VIP meet and greets, non-profit galas, motorsports marketing, international and domestic charters, movie and book releases as well representing an array of athletes, celebrities, and brands in varied environments.

As a trusted project manager and accomplished copywriter, Matt understands that every detail matters in any production, performance, or product positioning campaign. He flawlessly works with vendors of all types while ensuring that projects are on budget and on brand.

Rachel Dunn | As the Creative Director for EDR Marketing, with recognition in the Dayton Business Journal, she has an uncanny knack for enhancing any event or program, and ensuring that it is not only an engaging experience for customers, but that is provides a healthy ROI for all stakeholders involved.

Having served in the event marketing sector for nearly a decade, she has had the privilege of overseeing a plethora of events with varied elements and audiences. Whether working at the Final Four, PGA venues, retail settings, or tennis tournaments, she knows that clear communication and quality customer service is key to achieving lasting results!